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BA Tobacco Norway

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We wanted to provide one standard for live instruction to employees all over Norway. Our employees reacted very positively to the medium, the interactive possibilities and the comfort of online learning. We are happy to recommend Berlitz and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with them.

Ms. Karin Kjole, Office Manager, British American Tobacco Norway

In July 2008 the Norwegian company Tiedemanns Tobak, a leading producer of tobacco related products, was bought and taken over by British American Tobacco. Much of the internal communication was changed into English, which presented a challange for many of their employees.

The Project

  • To offer lessons to all employees spread throughout Norway often in distance locations
  • To improve knowledge and confidence in using English at work
  • To optimise the available budget through group lessons (4 students per group)


  • Attendance for sales representatives traveling 2-3 days a week
  • Would it work with a majority of students at low levels?

First Step

  • Meeting with BAT representative to introduce Berlitz Virtual Classroom
  • Presentation of recommendation


  • Acceptation of 15 groups of 3-5 students
  • Frame agreement for 2 years signed


  • A presentation was held for about 40 of the participants introducing the program
  • All students took a Berlitz online proficiency test to evaluate their level
  • All students were given the option of a schedule of lessons once or twice a week
  • Berlitz Norway created the groups based on the test results and the preferred schedule
  • Final scheduling managed by Berlitz Virtual Classroom


  • Enthusiastic and positive feedback from the vast majority of students:
  • Excellent instructors
  • Confidence grew
  • Enjoyed high focus on speaking
  • Group was well balanced
  • No travel time made it easier to follow the course