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BA Tobacco Norway

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    Jason Haddock

    In July 2008 the Norwegian company Tiedemanns Tobak, a leading producer of tobacco related products, was bought and taken over by British American Tobacco. Much of the internal communication was changed into English, which presented a challange for many of their employees.

    The Project

    • To offer lessons to all employees spread throughout Norway often in distance locations
    • To improve knowledge and confidence in using English at work
    • To optimise the available budget through group lessons (4 students per group)


    • Attendance for sales representatives traveling 2-3 days a week
    • Would it work with a majority of students at low levels?

    First Step

    • Meeting with BAT representative to introduce Berlitz Virtual Classroom
    • Presentation of recommendation


    • Acceptation of 15 groups of 3-5 students
    • Frame agreement for 2 years signed


    • A presentation was held for about 40 of the participants introducing the program
    • All students took a Berlitz online proficiency test to evaluate their level
    • All students were given the option of a schedule of lessons once or twice a week
    • Berlitz Norway created the groups based on the test results and the preferred schedule
    • Final scheduling managed by Berlitz Virtual Classroom


    • Enthusiastic and positive feedback from the vast majority of students:
    • Excellent instructors
    • Confidence grew
    • Enjoyed high focus on speaking
    • Group was well balanced
    • No travel time made it easier to follow the course