Berlitz Virtual Classroom - Case Studies

Dräger Medical

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In the start-up period, during the courses and in the finalising phase, we have had a close and efficient cooperation with the Berlitz's administrative staff. They have ensured a smooth fulfilment of the courses and have followed up the project in a very professional, positive and active way.

Ms. Karin Kjole, Office Manager, British American Tobacco Norway

Dräger Medical is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment. With the corporate headquarters in Germany, all internal communication, meetings and training courses are in English. Dräger Médical France, in their desire to improve the English skills of their employees, contacted Berlitz France to find innovative solutions to their specific requirements.


These requirements were: to offer coordinated and quality language training to around 70 employees having diverse missions and responsibilities and located throughout France, often in distant locations. Dräger Medical France were looking for a more dynamic and interactive training course than simple telephone or teleconference lessons. To offer group lessons of 3 students per group in order to optimize the available training budget. A wish to validate the students' progress by taking the TOEIC® examination.

Mr. Christophe Bodin, at Dräger Medical Human resources department was very enthusiastic after an initial presentation and a live demonstration of The Berlitz Virtual Classroom. The Berlitz Virtual classroom really fully met his expectations.

However, there were certain justifiable concerns. The technical concerns centered on the issue of whether the Berlitz Virtual Classroom would work with students based at home using different internet providers and whether there would be technical conflicts with Dräger corporate applications. In their desire to maximize student motivation, Dräger wanted to ensure that BVC lessons would be appropriate to students at lower levels and that a flexible planning would be available.


Berlitz answered by organizing a live demonstration with the Dräger Medical France IT manager. When the system was given the all clear, Berlitz then organized a presentation and demonstration lesson to a group of employees. The satisfactory outcome of these tests led to Dräger confirming 23 groups of 3 students.

The students each took the Berlitz online test and the results were used to set up the groups at the appropriate level. In consultation with the Dräger Médical France Human Resources Department, Berlitz also took into account the positions and goals of the students in the company in order to create cross-functional groups. This created a dynamic and motivating environment for learning and participation. The planning of the weekly lessons was directly organized between Dräger Medical and BVC to ensure a balance between professional availability and progress in English.


The results of this innovative training solution have been extremely encouraging. The students have benefited from the Berlitz Method of live group instruction while being based hundreds of kilometers apart. The direct feedback from the students has been enthusiastic and positive. The fast and concrete results of the Berlitz Method®, the professionalism and efficiency of the Berlitz instructors as well as user-friendly technical solution of BVC have come in for particular praise.