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I chose the BVC program for convenience and timeliness. I took the lessons for both personal and work related reasons. I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a music company that does a lot of International business. A very attractive market to us is Italy due to its excellent radio stations. I have always loved the Italian language and enjoy traveling in Italy. Both of these reasons prompted me to study Italian.

My lessons were very easy to follow and I found the reinforcement of visuals to be extremely helpful. My instructor was such a professional. My teacher had ways of teaching me that were ingenious. She took the time to have conversations with me about things I was interested in. She challenged me at just the right level and even found ways to fit in a bit of humor. What a gem! I did have a few semesters of college Italian that I had struggled through. It was an excellent experience I would recommend.

Eve Orsburn

What is the Berlitz Virtual Classroom?

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) is very similar to a Language Centre (LC) except that all activities take place online. Students speak, listen, write, draw, ask questions, exchange notes, study and learn with their instructors exactly as they would in a face-to-face (F2F) classroom, but with the added convenience of being able to do so from the comfort of their home or office. No commute, no time wasted, no hassle.

How does it work?

In the BVC the student and the instructor are linked via an online conferencing platform. Book your lessons online, then simply log into the Student Portal and enter your virtual classroom at the appointed time and date.

The BVC team provides technical guidance and support for all live lessons to ensure that instructors need only focus on teaching and students can focus fully on learning.

What is in the Berlitz Virtual Classroom?

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom has a wide range of instructional tools to make learning efficient, enjoyable and engaging: dynamic white screen (white board), pointers, paint box tools, text tools, note pads, libraries of illustrations & photographs, application sharing and much more. These tools are available to both students and instructors, making for varied and dynamic lessons.

In the Berlitz Virtual Classroom only those who have been invited can enter the lesson. Passwords, usernames, and schedules make it easy for invited parties to enter whilst keeping uninvited parties out.

In addition to these features and benefits, each lesson is recorded and can be reviewed by the student at any time and as often as you like. In addition, Berlitz Instructors can play back and review their lessons for personal appraisal and professional development.

What's it like teaching in the BVC?

BVC lessons are fast and fun with a strong emphasis on student talk time and improving functional skills. All lessons take place in the target language only. Instructors personalise the lesson goals to the student's interests and study needs. All instructors go through an extensive initial qualification programme and development period. There is also ongoing support and development, including on how to use the tools, teach various materials, and help the students get the most out their online studies.

If you are interested in working for BVC, please click below to apply for a position:

English Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/7gqvmPggvbujrRo-pdOU2w

German Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/cOAibQTm4AAgYIL4ZlzImQ

Spanish Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/Ylfy2x_aISPMMUgDn24lSg

French Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/uwVt3jfhO97HYWT0Tt-7bw

Italian Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/VPsBg8L-TvX0LsZ272338g

Portuguese Instructors https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/RC72Khwb5ncK8T_25DhnPQ

Instructors for other languages https://berlitz.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/Y_is8jORhO84WaO5p_DP2A

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