BVC wins 2008 Eddie Award

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I chose the BVC program for convenience and timeliness. I took the lessons for both personal and work related reasons. I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a music company that does a lot of International business. A very attractive market to us is Italy due to its excellent radio stations. I have always loved the Italian language and enjoy traveling in Italy. Both of these reasons prompted me to study Italian.

My lessons were very easy to follow and I found the reinforcement of visuals to be extremely helpful. My instructor was such a professional. My teacher had ways of teaching me that were ingenious. She took the time to have conversations with me about things I was interested in. She challenged me at just the right level and even found ways to fit in a bit of humor. What a gem! I did have a few semesters of college Italian that I had struggled through. It was an excellent experience I would recommend.

Eve Orsburn

Berlitz Languages, Inc., a global provider of premium language training and cultural consulting services, announced today that Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) has won the 2008 Eddie Award for Best Foreign Language Training Website.

This year marks ComputED'sTMs 13th year for its Eddie Awards. This award ceremony targets innovative and content-rich programs and websites which provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence--including augmenting the classroom curriculum and improving teacher productivity. Winners are selected from titles submitted by publishers around the world. Some selection criteria are academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, subject approach, and management system.

BVC enables instructors and students to come together in real time via the Internet. Students who can't make it to lessons at the language centers due to time or travel commitments can enjoy all the effectiveness of live instruction right from their home or office computers, using a standard computer outfitted with speakers, a sound card, microphone, and web connection.

BVC Lessons are taught with the same method and materials used in classroom instruction in any spoken language. BVC is used for both individual classes and group classes with teacher-to-student and student-to-student interactivity, virtual hand raising, lesson pace feedback, and more. BVC lessons can also be recorded, so that students can review them in their own time.

The full review for this award can be read here: