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The initial phase has gone very well, and there is no doubt that language training from BVC has played a vital role in this. Both girls are fully integrated at school, and have no significant problems following lessons in English. I would very much like to commend the instructors who have worked with Hanne and Marianne. They have done a fantastic job, and have kept motivation at the highest level. Marianne, in particular, thinks it's very sad that she will no longer have the weekly conversations with her instructors. They have both lost a couple of lessons due to technical and logistical problems through holidays, but the plan to take the lessons over the internet has been optimal. It has given us the flexibility to be able to make the most of the summer at the same time as allowing the girls to take their course with Berlitz.

Karl Ole Stornes, The Netherlands

March 2008

In order to improve Air Transport Safety, new ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) language proficiency provisions were adopted to reduce the number of incidents and accidents caused by poor language communication used in air traffic control communications. Effective March 2008, Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers involved in international operations must undergo formal evaluation to ensure Operational Level 4 proficiency, as required by ICAO.

As a language-training provider, Berlitz Language Centers have partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to provide airline companies and civil aviation organizations (i.e., air traffic controllers) English language training services in order to meet the ICAO English language proficiency standards. For over 60 years, IATA, which represents some 270 airlines, has ensured the aviation industry operates safely and securely under clearly defined rules and standards.

In our partnership, we can offer the aviation community first-rate, affordable training that will help the industry improve safety and reduce accidents and incidents caused by poor English language communication skills. We do not conduct courses in aviation, nor any pilot training or certification. Rather, we work with students who are already working as pilots or air traffic controllers (ATCOs) to help them improve their oral proficiency in English.

We offer two solutions: Aviation English Assessment and Aviation English Training (if required, for those Pilots and ATCOs who are assessed at an ICAO level of less than 4).