Berlitz expands its e-learning, Web- and Phone-based Learning Services

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The initial phase has gone very well, and there is no doubt that language training from BVC has played a vital role in this. Both girls are fully integrated at school, and have no significant problems following lessons in English. I would very much like to commend the instructors who have worked with Hanne and Marianne. They have done a fantastic job, and have kept motivation at the highest level. Marianne, in particular, thinks it's very sad that she will no longer have the weekly conversations with her instructors. They have both lost a couple of lessons due to technical and logistical problems through holidays, but the plan to take the lessons over the internet has been optimal. It has given us the flexibility to be able to make the most of the summer at the same time as allowing the girls to take their course with Berlitz.

Karl Ole Stornes, The Netherlands

PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Berlitz Corporation announced its acquisition of Telelangue SA, a global provider of language services based in Paris, France. Telelangue specializes in distance blended-learning and offers their clients custom-made phone classes and an award-winning e-learning program, supported by an advanced learning management system. Through this acquisition Berlitz will further expand its capability to provide integrated learning services that will combine its well-regarded face-to-face lessons and media-based learning services, such as e-learning, phone- and web- based training.

In today's language training fields, more and more comprehensive training and greater customization are required to meet the needs of companies trying to bring up talent capable of meeting worldwide business challenges. In order to effectively respond to these needs, Berlitz has provided language training services through various lesson delivery methods, from face-to-face classroom lessons to more personalized e-learning systems. With Telelangue's integrated learning management system, Berlitz will effectively be able to offer even more flexible training services and provide timely management reports to monitor students' progress and performance.

"Berlitz is committed to not only language training, but also the global leadership and business skills training required in today's diversified business environment," said Yukako Uchinaga, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Berlitz Corporation. "Flexible combination of lesson delivery methods, customization of content, and learning management are key areas in achieving this goal. Telelangue's integrated training platform, with its proven success in Europe, will significantly enhance Berlitz' already established language training services which are being used as a benchmark today in the industry."

"The Telelangue e-learning platform with integrated instructor-led training and learning management capabilities can precisely monitor each individual student's performance and progress. This is a great advantage for instructors when preparing a more personalized training curriculum. Corporate clients also benefit when they need to verify their return on investment (R.O.I.) on employees undergoing studies. We look forward to working with Berlitz to increase efficiency and add value to our mutual efforts in language training services," said Jean Michel Dubedout, President and CEO of Telelangue.

Ms. Uchinaga added, "Bringing Telelangue into the Berlitz family will help elevate us to the level of a true 'global education company' by taking advantage of both companies' strengths  and cultures. We are looking to add innovative ideas to language and leadership training such as collaboration-based learning to further link students and their instructors, as well as to other students."